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Monthly Archives: August 2022

  1. This High Quality Multi-Function Lifeguard Sun Cap is Perfect for Lifeguards!

    This high quality Multi-Function Lifeguard Sun Cap is perfect for lifeguards! This completely customizable cap includes attachable neck & face / throat guards for total protection from all elements while its breathable mesh panels keep you cool.

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  2. This Xtreme Cooling Sun Hat Keeps You Cool!

    This Xtreme Cooling Sun Hat keeps you cool! It is lined with a 2" band of the same material as the Xtreme Cooling Towel by RealXGear! The band is a highly evaporative material providing up to 20° in cooling while being dry to the touch. Perfect for lifeguards!

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    #xtreme, #sun, #straw, #hat, #cooling
  3. These Vinyl Exam Gloves are a Must-Have!

    These Vinyl Exam Gloves are a must-have! They come in one size, 30/Box. Don't delay, order these gloves today!

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    #vinyl, #gloves, #exam
  4. If You're Looking for a Vest That's Soft and Comfortable, Then This USCG Adult Super•Soft® Vest - 2X-Large is the One For You!

    If you're looking for a vest that's soft and comfortable, then this USCG Adult Super•Soft® Vest - 2X-Large is the one for you! It is a soft, durable, comfortable, easy-to-clean, vinyl-coated, closed-cell foam vest!

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    #vest, #uscg, #super soft
  5. This High Quality Ladies Lifeguard Trucker Foam Cap is Specially Designed for Women!

    This high quality Ladies Lifeguard Trucker foam cap is specially designed for women! Includes mesh panels, adjustable closure and Lifeguard logo!

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    #trucker, #lifeguard, #ladies, #hat, #foam, #cap
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