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  1. This Whistle Lanyard - Assorted Solid (50 Pack) is a Great Value!

    This Whistle Lanyard - Assorted Solid (50 Pack) is a great value! This 50 pack of Whistle lanyards makes it easy to order for your staff! Order today!

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  2. This Whistle Lanyard is a Must-Have!

    This Whistle lanyard is a must-have! Available in so many solid colors as well as multi-colored, you'll find the perfect one for you!

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  3. If You're Looking for a Great Lanyard, Then this Deluxe Whistle Lanyard is Just What You're Looking For!

    If you're looking for a great lanyard, then this Deluxe Whistle Lanyard is just what you're looking for! Features a thicker & softer strap for added comfort!

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    • Every whistle lanyard features a small, less bulky metal snap at the end of the lanyard that swivels 360 degrees to ensure the whistle will not hang at an awkward angle
    • Multi-colored Lanyards are 10¢ extra
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    • Break-Away Lanyards offer:
      • The strength of flat woven thick cotton
      • The safety of a unique break-away
      • 180 degree swingable plastic clasp that releases with a tug and reattaches with a snap
    • Colors:
      • Lifeguard Red™
      • Royal Blue
      • Yellow
      • Green
      • Purple
      • Burgundy
      • Forest Green
      • Brown
      • Teal
      • Pink
      • Grey
      • Black
      • White
      • Lifeguard Red™ / White / Blue
      • Green / Blue / Yellow
      • Lifeguard Red™ / White
      • Lifeguard Red™ / Royal Blue
      • Lifeguard Red™ / White / Green
      • Lifeguard Red™ / Yellow
      • Royal Blue / Yellow
    • Multi-colored Lanyards are 10¢ extra
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