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Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. This Pocket Mask with O2 Inlet is Essential!

    This Pocket Mask with O2 Inlet is essential! Comes complete with hard case, gloves and wipes. Perfect for lifeguards and first responders!

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    #pocket, #o2, #mask, #inlet
  2. This LIFE™ Whistle w/ SMG is Ideal!

    This LIFE™ Whistle w/ SMG is ideal! With so many color options to choose from, you'll find the perfect one for you! Perfect for lifeguards!

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    #whistle, #soft, #smg, #mouth, #life, #Grip
  3. If You're Looking for a Great Whistle, Then Look No Further! The LIFE™ Whistle is Just What You Need!

    If you're looking for a great whistle, then look no further! The LIFE™ Whistle is just what you need! The LIFE™ Whistle is perfect for lifeguards, lifeguard instructors, water safety personnel, referees, and teachers! Order yours today!

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    #whistle, #life
  4. The USCG Child Super•Soft® Vest - X-Small is a Soft, Comfortable Vest for the Little Ones!

    The USCG Child Super•Soft® Vest - X-Small is a soft, comfortable vest for the little ones! Features automatic slot-back size adjustment and Kwik-Snap buckles and has adjustable leg strap for extra safety.

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    #x-small, #vest, #uscg, #super soft, #Child
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