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  1. This® Child's Life Vest (USCG Approved) is Ideal!

    This® Child's Life Vest (USCG Approved) is ideal! Made from durable Crosstech® flotation foam and has two adjustable belts and an adjustable leg strap.

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  2. This® Infant Life Vest (USCG Approved) is a Must-Have!

    This® Infant Life Vest (USCG Approved) is a must-have! The Infant Vest has two adjustable belts and one adjustable leg strap and the flotation collar allows for upright flotation.

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  3. This High Quality Lifeguard Straw Hat is Just What You Need on Hot, Sunny Days!

    This High quality Lifeguard Straw Hat is just what you need on hot, sunny days! Features adjustable cord lock and lifeguard logo patch. Perfect for Lifeguards!

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  4. These Lifeguard Board Shorts Make a Great Addition to Your Lifeguard Uniform!

    These Lifeguard Board Shorts make a great addition to your lifeguard uniform! With great features, such as double-stitched elastic/drawstring waist, 2 reinforced side pockets, Quik™ drain Velcro® lifeguard pocket, key pocket and super soft mesh liner, you can't go wrong!

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  5. New LIFE RING Is Talk of Surf Expo

    The new USCG Approved LIFE RING™ is the talk of the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. This ground breaking new lifesaving device has been in development for several years and is now available for purchase. has been working with the United States Coast Guard for most of that time to insure that the new rescue LIFE RING buoy meets and or exceeds the USCG regulations for this type of lifesaving rescue device. Among its many innovative new features are the ultra-durable closed cell foam which will outlast old vinyl-dipped rings by years, and its molded in LIFE GRIPS™ that give victims and rescuers more surface area to hang on and hold on to. The LIFE RING is ideal for commercial and residential swimming pools, lakes, beaches, waterparks, hotels, resorts, as

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  6. This SwimScreen™ Sunscreen Quart Wall Bracket Provides a Convenient Way to Access Your Sunscreen!

    This SwimScreen™ Sunscreen Quart Wall Bracket provides a convenient way to access your sunscreen! Made from recycled plastic for long lasting durability and is able to be mounted on a wall or hard surface.

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